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australia-1157502_640Australia Immigration Professionals is committed to helping skilled foreign nationals with a desire to move to Australia to live and work.

With our team of experts, we know that we can help you explore options for you and your family, as well as assisting you throughout the total immigration process.

With our experience and dedication to our customers, we will carry the stress of this complicated process so you don’t have to worry at all.

Our collaboration with Michael Kadoury, an Australian Legal Practitioner, has made all the difference in the services we can offer you. Mr. Kadoury has the authority of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to provide help regarding immigration to Australia.

With his degrees from the University of New South Wales in Law, Political Science, and Japanese Studies, his expertise, education, and experience makes the immigration process to Australia even easier.

Australia imaige

Services Provided by AIP Visa

We know that the Australian immigration process is even easier if it is broken down into steps. Immiproaustralia will assist you throughout these stages, allowing you to pay as you go, using our secure payment options. We offer the following services:

  • Assessment – Our immigration lawyer that we work with, Michael Kadoury, is an Australian Legal Practitioner who is approved by MARA, and he will help determine you and your family’s eligibility to apply for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. This program was created for skilled foreign workers, making a way for them to live and work in Australia as long-term residents. Australia Immigration Professionals will assist you to help determine your eligibility.
  • Professional Guidance – Once it is decided that you will probably meet the requirements for a visa in Australia, Australia Immigration Professionals will guide you as you prepare documents, and we will also answer your questions about the total process.

Don’t Delay!

Here at Australia Immigration Professionals, we look forward to serving you. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your Australian Immigration!


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Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000

Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000 An announcement was made recently that the Australian government is increasing its permanent immigration intake by 35,000. Thus, the permanent migration visas available, which were formerly 160,000, will rise to 195,000 in the current fiscal year. This action was taken as an effort to address the skills and labour shortages in the country.

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Many Australian Jobs Offer Salaries over $100,000

Many Australian Jobs Offer Salaries over $100,000 Over 1700 jobs across Australia’s mining sector are available with an offer of six-figure salaries. The surprising thing is that some companies are open to offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus. All of this is happening because of the skills shortage Australia is experiencing. This current issue has made hiring staff very difficult for

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Employers Pay Thousands to Fill Australian Job Vacancies

Employers Pay Thousands to Fill Australian Job Vacancies The pandemic worker shortage in the country has gotten worse in recent times. The Australian Retailers Association stated this. Due to the huge labour gaps, some businesses are at risk of experiencing financial collapse.  Industries across the country are trying every means to find and keep workers. They are doing this to

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Over 480,000 Australian Job Openings Advertised

Over 480,000 Australian Job Openings Advertised The labour and skills crisis continues to worsen in Australia. In recent times, business owners have experienced difficulty finding perfect fits for their vacant positions. There are almost half a million vacant jobs in Australia.  A key factor for the worsening labour crisis in the country is the ongoing occurrence of mismatch. The mismatch

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Multicultural Melbourne Has Become Even More Diverse

Multicultural Melbourne Has Become Even More Diverse The 2021 census data for Australia confirmed it to be a multicultural, migrant country. The data also revealed that the migration patterns of the country are changing.   During the post-war decades, migration from Mediterranean countries was the highest. Now, significant migration is from South and South-East Asia.  According to Australia Immigration Professionals, over

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Employment in Australia Hits Highest Level in 13 Years

Employment in Australia Hits Highest Level in 13 Years The Omicron variant outbreak in Australia caused many disruptions in the past months. Still, the unemployment rate in the country was recorded to fall to about 4 percent in February this year.The unemployment rate is said to be the lowest experienced since 2008. The Australia Immigration Professionals further reported that employment

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