Australian Employment for Women Hits Historic High

Australian Working woman

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently reported on the country’s unemployment rate over the past two months. The jobless rate fell to a 13-year low of four percent in February 2022, from 4.2 percent in January. This is the lowest it has been since August 2008. The unemployment rate for women dipped to 3.8 percent, making employment for women in […]

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More Australians Are Open to Moving to Smaller Cities

australia sydney

Larger cities in Australia are attractive to the youth and university educated who look for the benefits these regions offer. Food, art, retail stores, and cultural services are a draw, according to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. But when asked if they would consider relocating to smaller, mid-sized cities, 75 percent said they could consider it if the […]

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Immigrant Children Outperform Aussie Peers in Education

Australia ranked seventh in the world for the academic performance of immigrant students. Ken Cruickshank, an associate professor at Sydney University, said people often come to Australia for their children. They realize that success in life begins with a good education and they are willing to make a move to Australia in order to guarantee their kids have that chance. […]

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Immigrants Enjoy New Lives in Western Australia Regions

Arriving in Australia with only $2,300 to his name, Parminder Singh finds himself very busy with his businesses. He left Delhi as a successful mechanical engineer and now has five properties in WA he owns or is paying off. His children attend a private school in Mandurah, where they and his wife, Gagandeep, spend the week. He owns a house […]

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Study in Australia for a World-Class Education

If you are looking for a world-class education, consider one of Australia’s many top universities. According to Times Higher Education, out of the top 100 universities around the world, six of them are located in Australia. Australia Immigration Professionals has a team of experts who can help you obtain the required visa to live, learn, and work in Australia. They […]

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Report Says 82% of Aussies Support Australian Immigration

The philanthropic Scanlon Foundation conducted the yearly 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion survey. They reported four out of five Australians understand the benefits to immigration even in the face of concerns over population growth. The responses of 1,500 randomly chosen Australians showed 52 percent consider the influx of immigrants either ‘too low’ or ‘about right.’ This statistic challenges some recent political […]

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Online Advertisements for Australian Jobs in High Demand

Based on a count of online job advertisements by SEEK, Australian JobSearch, and CareerOne, New South Wales, Western Australia, ACT, Queensland, and Victoria saw a major increase in job openings. Over the past year, every state and territory in Australia saw an increase aside from Tasmania. For thirteen straight months (the longest stretch of gains since 2011) Australian online job […]

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