These Countries Welcome Immigrants and Foreign Students

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One of the most viable ways to immigrate to other countries is through the academic route. One way to do this is to self-fund your studies. Another is to get a fully-funded scholarship.  This means you must receive a letter of confirmation to enroll full-time in an approved education program, secure your student visa, study hard and get good grades. […]

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Receiving a Request to Apply for Australian Permanent Residence Is Simpler

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Potential skilled migrants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to work in Australia. After this, they may be invited to apply for certain Australian visas. For them to be invited to apply for the Australian visa, the potential migrants must have achieved a points threshold. The points are generally awarded for age, English language proficiency, educational qualification and work […]

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Australia Needs Thousands of Infrastructure Workers

Australia has excellent plans to invest in public infrastructure. But a labour shortage might be a limiting factor in the plans. Currently, there are signs of shortages across the workforce.  Unfortunately, there is speculation about the demand reaching critical levels. A study done to understand the public infrastructure workforce estimates a lack of about 105,000 roles in 2023. Of the […]

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Employers Are Paying More for Jobs in Australia

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The need for Australia to recover from the negative effects of the pandemic has given employees in the country access to higher wages. According to Dylan Broomfield, the policy and advocacy manager at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hospitality businesses in Melbourne offer $1000 bonuses to staff to sign up. From reports, Sydney offers more than double the […]

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Government Expected to Increase Australian Migration

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Due to the efforts made by the Australian government to solve the issue of labour shortages in the country, the annual permanent migrant intake is expected to increase. The intake level for Australian immigration is set to increase from 160,000 to 200,000 visas per year. Unions and business groups support this increase. At the same time, these groups are of […]

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Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000


Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000 An announcement was made recently that the Australian government is increasing its permanent immigration intake by 35,000. Thus, the permanent migration visas available, which were formerly 160,000, will rise to 195,000 in the current fiscal year. This action was taken as an effort to address the skills and labour shortages in the country. […]

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Employers Pay Thousands to Fill Australian Job Vacancies

Employers Australia

Employers Pay Thousands to Fill Australian Job Vacancies The pandemic worker shortage in the country has gotten worse in recent times. The Australian Retailers Association stated this. Due to the huge labour gaps, some businesses are at risk of experiencing financial collapse.  Industries across the country are trying every means to find and keep workers. They are doing this to […]

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Multicultural Melbourne Has Become Even More Diverse


Multicultural Melbourne Has Become Even More Diverse The 2021 census data for Australia confirmed it to be a multicultural, migrant country. The data also revealed that the migration patterns of the country are changing.   During the post-war decades, migration from Mediterranean countries was the highest. Now, significant migration is from South and South-East Asia.  According to Australia Immigration Professionals, over […]

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Employment in Australia Hits Highest Level in 13 Years

Employment Rate In Australia

Employment in Australia Hits Highest Level in 13 Years The Omicron variant outbreak in Australia caused many disruptions in the past months. Still, the unemployment rate in the country was recorded to fall to about 4 percent in February this year.The unemployment rate is said to be the lowest experienced since 2008. The Australia Immigration Professionals further reported that employment […]

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