Discovering Australia’s Unexpected Best Job

Australia Immigration Professionals JOBS

The best job in Australia might not be what you imagined. Australia Immigration Professionals reports that when you take out income as the benchmark for a good position, you will be amazed at the top job in Australia. According to Bernard Salt, a demographer who evaluated more than 1,360 professions to find Australia’s best job, retail manager represents the top […]

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About 60,000 International Students arrived in Australia

60000 students

According to reports, the number of international students in Australia’s English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector in January this year is 4,250. The record is 865% higher than the same period in 2022. In other words, the record for January last year was 440. About 60,000 international students entered Australia in January this year, according to Australia […]

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In January, Australia’s Unemployment Rate Increased to 3.7%

Australia Immigration Professionals -unemplpyment rate

The unemployment rate in Australia increased to 3.7% in January this year. This rise is because the number of unemployed in the country grew by 22,000.  Generally, January is usually the most seasonal time of the year in the Australian labour market. This statement is according to Bjorn Jarvis, the Head of Labour Statistics at the ABS. This time of […]

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Lack of International Workers in Australia

international flags

There is currently a desperate need for more workers in almost all industries in Australia. Industries in the country are in dire need of workers to keep up with their growing demands. The lack of international workers is contributing to this situation. Australia is currently experiencing its lowest unemployment level in 48 years. Due to the desperation for workers, many […]

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These Countries Welcome Immigrants and Foreign Students

welcome immigration

One of the most viable ways to immigrate to other countries is through the academic route. One way to do this is to self-fund your studies. Another is to get a fully-funded scholarship.  This means you must receive a letter of confirmation to enroll full-time in an approved education program, secure your student visa, study hard and get good grades. […]

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Over 480,000 Australian Job Openings Advertised

Australia find you for a job

Over 480,000 Australian Job Openings Advertised The labour and skills crisis continues to worsen in Australia. In recent times, business owners have experienced difficulty finding perfect fits for their vacant positions. There are almost half a million vacant jobs in Australia.  A key factor for the worsening labour crisis in the country is the ongoing occurrence of mismatch. The mismatch […]

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Australia Immigration Professionals: Refugees Fleeing War in Ukraine Feel Safe in Australia

Australia Immigration Professionals Refugees Fleeing War in Ukraine Feel Safe in Australia

Ukrainian refugees had so many things to say as they arrived at their new locations, Sydney and Melbourne. They couldn’t hold back from telling their families what their experience was like back in their war-torn country. Due to the continued encroachment of Russian forces on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, countless lives were lost. The situation was so bad that the once-bustling […]

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New Australian Visa Program Seeks Foreign Workers for Regions

Are you considering relocating for work? Australia has just made anotherway for that to be a possibility for you and your family. The government is providing a work visa for foreigners with hospitality or basic farm skills to move permanently to Australia. Southwest Victoria and Northern Territory are lowering the criteria for language, skills, and income for certain migrant workers. […]

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