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The best job in Australia might not be what you imagined. Australia Immigration Professionals reports that when you take out income as the benchmark for a good position, you will be amazed at the top job in Australia.

According to Bernard Salt, a demographer who evaluated more than 1,360 professions to find Australia’s best job, retail manager represents the top job in Australia.


What makes the retail manager role the top job in Australia?


Australia Immigration Professionals notes that Bernard Salt collected a list of 1,360 occupations based on eight major criteria. 

These criteria include the hours worked per week and the possibility of working remotely or from home.

Out of all the 1,360 occupations studied by the demographer, only 24 occupations made it out of the list, and the retail manager job topped the list of the 24 occupations.

Similarly, according to an Australian report, retain managers also dominantly topped the list of 12 million workers recorded in the 2021 Census.

Bernard Salt also analyzed the data, checking if full-time workers work more than 45 hours per week and if workers can work part-time or full-time. 

Additionally, the demographer considered gender inclusivity, the availability of both older and younger workers in the workforce, and the ability of workers to enjoy a work-balance relationship.

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Will this still be the best job if income is factored in?

If the annual full-time income was considered, Australia Immigration Professionals concludes that retail managers might not be the top job in Australia. However, it will still be one of the best.  

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