New Australian Visa Program Seeks Foreign Workers for Regions

Are you considering relocating for work? Australia has just made anotherway for that to be a possibility for you and your family. The government is providing a work visa for foreigners with hospitality or basic farm skills to move permanently to Australia.

Southwest Victoria and Northern Territory are lowering the criteria for language, skills, and income for certain migrant workers. They also will open a pathway to permanent residency to the workers that have not had the chance previously. Australia Immigration Professionals can help you through the stages established to help make your immigration process to Australia easier. Their team of professionals can walk you through the required steps to obtaining the needed visa to live and work in Australia.

The only stipulation the government is placing on the workers is that they commit to residing in the region for at least three years before receiving the permanent residency visa. David Coleman, the minister for immigration, said they are trying to improve the Australian immigration program so it will better help the needs of specific areas. They are looking at ways of filling employment gaps in the regions.

A migration agent out of Darwin said the new program for permanent residency is enormous. It is good especially in light of the recent Australian immigration reforms which increased the requirements for employer-sponsored visas and general skilled migration. Most Australian employment visas are for workers with competent English and pay of at least $53,900 annually.

However, under the old Northern Territory DAMA, the visa may be granted for a baker, hairdresser, or barista with language or income less than these thresholds. With the new DAMA (designated area migration agreements), the workers will most likely be allowed to move to Australia permanently. Australia Immigration Professionals will answer any questions you may have about the process.

One migration agent said the new program had been mostly used by hospitality and tourism providers for Australian jobssuch as wait-staff and bar supervisors. She commented that the Northern Territory employers have a hard time attracting and retaining skilled workers. Contact Australia Immigration Professionals for help with the immigration process. There are opportunities awaiting you living and working in Australia.

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