Average Wealth of Australians Soars to $402,600

As of 2017, Australia has over one million millionaires who call Australia home. According to the newest report by the Global Wealth Report, individuals with a net worth of $50 million, increased by 30 percent to close to 3,000. The head of Australia Credit Suisse, Alex Wade said, “No other part of the wealth pyramid has been transformed as much since 2000 as the millionaire and ultra-high-net-worth individual segments.” If you have a desire to relocate to Australia and live the dream, contact Australia Immigration Professionals for help with the entire immigration process. They will walk you through each step to make living in Australia a reality.

Over 148,000 around the globe can be put into a class as UHNW individuals. Of these people, 54,800 are worth $100 million or more and 5,700 have a net worth of over $500 million. According to Credit Suisse, the wealth in Australia per adult in 2017 is $402,600, making it the second highest in the world right behind Switzerland. Only five percent of people in Australia have a net worth under $10,000 compared to 19 percent in the United Kingdom and 29 percent in the United States. The scope of those Australians with wealth over $100,000 is eight times the world average and is the fourth highest of any other nation. By contacting Australia Immigration Professionals, the process of immigration will be easier for you and allows you to pay as you go through each stage using the secure payment options.

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