Employers Are Paying More for Jobs in Australia

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The need for Australia to recover from the negative effects of the pandemic has given employees in the country access to higher wages.

According to Dylan Broomfield, the policy and advocacy manager at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hospitality businesses in Melbourne offer $1000 bonuses to staff to sign up. From reports, Sydney offers more than double the bonus at some restaurants. These reports show how desperate employers are to find workers as activities start again in Australia.

Australia Immigration Professionals reported that the managing director of Workfast, Tim Nieuwenhuis, stated that the mining industry needs serious workers. As a result, the sector’s pay rates have increased by not less than 50%.

The Experience of a Business Owner in Australia

No doubt, the post-pandemic recovery is taking its toll on business owners. One of the business owners in Australia, Jan McKenzie of Café Sydney restaurant, stated that she used to operate with 148 staff before the pandemic, but now only has 130 employees.

She stated that 60 starters had been recruited. McKenzie added that a few people from the previous workforce have gone, because of the current unpredictability and inconsistency issue in the sector due to the pandemic. 

Based on the drive of employers to secure workers, Australia Immigration Professionals stated that it’s a perfect time to secure a high-paying job in Australia as an immigrant.

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Unemployment Rate in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the unemployment rate in the country is 4.6%. With low unemployment and hundreds of thousands of job vacancies, Australia is hopeful of getting its economy back to normal.