Australian Job Seeker’s Market Reported


Australia has been facing some challenges ever since it shut its border during the Covid-19 pandemic. The major difficulty has been the issue of getting enough workers to fill the vacant jobs in the country. This situation has caused negative effects on the economy. Currently, Australia is ranked as having the second worst skills shortage among the richest countries in […]

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Lack of International Workers in Australia

international flags

There is currently a desperate need for more workers in almost all industries in Australia. Industries in the country are in dire need of workers to keep up with their growing demands. The lack of international workers is contributing to this situation. Australia is currently experiencing its lowest unemployment level in 48 years. Due to the desperation for workers, many […]

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Full-Time Jobs in Australia Rising Rapidly

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According to the Bureau of Statistics figures released in May 2022, about 60,600 extra people were employed in Australia’s labour force. This increase in employment was said to be driven totally by full-time jobs in Australia. Due to the rise in employment, the country’s jobs market has continued to strengthen. According to Australia Immigration Professionals, unemployment remained at 3.9%, and […]

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Receiving a Request to Apply for Australian Permanent Residence Is Simpler

immigrants australia approved

Potential skilled migrants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to work in Australia. After this, they may be invited to apply for certain Australian visas. For them to be invited to apply for the Australian visa, the potential migrants must have achieved a points threshold. The points are generally awarded for age, English language proficiency, educational qualification and work […]

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Australia Needs Thousands of Infrastructure Workers

Australia has excellent plans to invest in public infrastructure. But a labour shortage might be a limiting factor in the plans. Currently, there are signs of shortages across the workforce.  Unfortunately, there is speculation about the demand reaching critical levels. A study done to understand the public infrastructure workforce estimates a lack of about 105,000 roles in 2023. Of the […]

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Employers Are Paying More for Jobs in Australia

employers pay

The need for Australia to recover from the negative effects of the pandemic has given employees in the country access to higher wages. According to Dylan Broomfield, the policy and advocacy manager at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hospitality businesses in Melbourne offer $1000 bonuses to staff to sign up. From reports, Sydney offers more than double the […]

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Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000


Government Boosts Australian Immigration Visas to 195,000 An announcement was made recently that the Australian government is increasing its permanent immigration intake by 35,000. Thus, the permanent migration visas available, which were formerly 160,000, will rise to 195,000 in the current fiscal year. This action was taken as an effort to address the skills and labour shortages in the country. […]

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Many Australian Jobs Offer Salaries over $100,000

australia job offers

Many Australian Jobs Offer Salaries over $100,000 Over 1700 jobs across Australia’s mining sector are available with an offer of six-figure salaries. The surprising thing is that some companies are open to offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus. All of this is happening because of the skills shortage Australia is experiencing. This current issue has made hiring staff very difficult for […]

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