Immigrating to Australia – The Options

The Australian immigration program for skilled workers and their families is called the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program.

This was created to allow foreign laborers and their families the privilege of moving to Australia to permanently live and work so they can help the Australian economy. The program has different types of visas, and each one has specific requirements and offers specific benefits.

Contact Australia Immigration Professionals to learn more about the various types of visas and your eligibility for the programs.

GSM Skilled Independent Visa

The Independent Visa (GSM Subclass-189) is a permanent resident visa to Australia for those who do not have the sponsorship of a family member, employer, territory or state in Australia.

The benefits of this visa to Australia include the privileges of being permitted to permanently work and live anywhere in the country, having permission to partake in educational programs, receiving payments for social security after a specified period of time (when eligible), receiving free healthcare, having permission to leave the country and return, being permitted to sponsor family members who are eligible and want an Australian visa, and having the option to apply for citizenship to Australia after living there at least four years as a permanent resident (and other criteria).

Australia Immigration Professionals can help you learn more about your eligibility for this visa.


GSM Skilled Nominated Visa

The Nominated Visa (GSM Subclass-190) is a permanent resident visa to Australia for those who have been nominated or sponsored to live in an Australian State or Territory. The authorized person can live and work permanently in the country, and for the first two years, the individual will live and work in the State or Territory that originally provided the nomination or sponsorship.

After the two-year period, the visa holder is then permitted to live anywhere in the country. This visa is based on a point system that has specific requirements regarding age, language abilities, education, and other factors. You can speak with the experts at Australia Immigration Professionals to get more specific information about this visa.

GSM Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

The GSM Provisional Visa is a temporary visa to Australia that allows a person and his or her family to study, work and live in Australia temporarily, up to four years, in a particular region of the country. During that time, the visa holder and his family can leave Australia and return during the time of their allotted visa.

There is also an opportunity to apply for a permanent resident visa for those who meet the requirements of eligibility. This visa is based on a point system that has requirements regarding age, language abilities, education, and other necessary factors.

Australia Immigration Professionals helps individuals who are skilled workers to apply for a GSM Regional/Provisional Visa to work and live in Australia for a specific period of time.

As you can see, there are options for those who want to move to Australia to work and live. Contact Australia Immigration Professionals today to see which program best suits your needs!

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