Strong Growth Predicted for Australian Jobs in Construction

The apartment-building boom has reached its peak in Australia, according to analysts, and with it the substantial donation to growth coming from residential construction. They agree as well that Australia is well-placed to benefit from an added growth in infrastructure spending and non-residential building. A Commonwealth Bank senior economist, Katrina Clifton, said, the positive impact will greatly counterbalance any falls in Australian employment and growth coming from a decrease in residential building activity. Many Australian job opportunities will be in the construction sector. If you want to relocate to Australia for a job, contact Australia Immigration Professionals for information about the immigration process. Clifton said the change of direction in the construction field would add close to 62,500 new jobs in Australia during the next year.

Not only will Australian jobs be available in the construction sector, but also in other areas of the economy which will result from overflow spending. Australian Bureau of Statistics prepared the Input/Output tables that were used by Clifton and her team to arrive at their estimates. She explained, “…the flow-on effects of an increase in residential construction include increased demand for furnishings and fittings.” Increased demand for these goods lifts Australian employment in the retail sector.

Impact of non-residential construction

The non-residential construction and the increased home renovations will positively impact growth over the next two years, according to CBA. With the many Australian job opportunities opening up, now would be a good time to consider relocating with your family. Contact Australia Immigration Professionals for help. Their experienced team can assist you in receiving the required visa to live and work in Australia.

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