Australia to Lure More Skilled Workers

Australia skilled workers

Australia has been making great efforts to attract more skilled immigrants. In this regard, it has been competing with countries such as Germany and Canada. 

Australia is in need of more qualified migrants because of the increased demand due to its ageing population. 

Australia Immigration Professionals reported that the country has proposed to overhaul its immigration system. With this plan, getting skilled workers into the country will be quicker. At the same time, it will help smoothen the path to permanent residency.

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Modification to the Australian Immigration System

The points test, which is the current system for picking skilled immigrants in Australia, will be modified, said the Federal Labor Government.

The modification will enable the system to recognize migrants with the appropriate skill sets the Australian economy needs.

The Australian government also stated that the visa process for highly-skilled professionals was modified to be easier. 

Australia Immigration Professionals reported that the government plans to take steps to retain international students.

Clare O’Neil, the Home Affairs Minister, stated that there are some plans for temporary Australian visa holders who had been denied the opportunity to apply for permanent residency. 

With the plans in motion, this set of people will be able to go through the application process by the year-end.

Plans to Welcome More Skilled Workers in Australia

The current immigration system in Australia is broken, said Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil. The system is, thus, failing businesses in the country, Australians and even migrants. But now, there are plans to adjust the system. With the modification, it will be easier and quicker for skilled migrants to get into Australia.