Australian Employment and Wages Grow at Healthy Pace

Australia Immigration Professionals

Gains made with public and private sector employers have helped Australia see the most substantial wage growth in three years. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported hourly wages increased by 0.62 percent, which is the fastest growth since early 2014. Bruce Hockman, the chief economist at the ABS, said, ‚ÄúThere was a higher rate of wage growth recorded across […]

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Immigrant Children Outperform Aussie Peers in Education

Australia ranked seventh in the world for the academic performance of immigrant students. Ken Cruickshank, an associate professor at Sydney University, said people often come to Australia for their children. They realize that success in life begins with a good education and they are willing to make a move to Australia in order to guarantee their kids have that chance. […]

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New Australian Visa Program Seeks Foreign Workers for Regions

Are you considering relocating for work? Australia has just made anotherway for that to be a possibility for you and your family. The government is providing a work visa for foreigners with hospitality or basic farm skills to move permanently to Australia. Southwest Victoria and Northern Territory are lowering the criteria for language, skills, and income for certain migrant workers. […]

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